Be Our Guest {Guest Bedroom Decor}

Last week I gave you the tour of our guest bedroom (see that post here).

This is what the guest bedroom looks like a week later after a galon and half of Valspar's Gravity, a few sore muscles, and some new bedding and lamps.  (The bedding and lamps are all from Target.)

March2011 012
March2011 013

I was hoping to have the room completed for my family’s visit this week-end but that didn’t work out as planned.  I am happy with the progress though. 

I plan to add a gallery wall of frames on this wall,  Unfortunately I don’t see straight.(I usually end up thinking our level is broke...seriously) so I will wait for Nate’s help on this one.   (UPDATE: See the gallery wall here!).

March2011 019

I am also deciding on window treatments and a few other details (other wall hangings, blanket for the end of the bed).

I’m pretty sure the white duvet cover doesn’t stand a chance.  I have a feeling it will be bleached many times.

March2011 009

What do you think?

Read about the headboard here.

Read about the night stands here.

Read about the trio of mirrors here.

Have a great week-end!

Valspar’s Gravity

Gravity is my friend! :)

Most decorating blogs that I read tape about 50,000 color samples to the wall to decide which color is best for their room.

I go to Lowe’s and pick out the prettiest sample.  I walk away for a few minutes and then come back and pick out another pretty one.  It’s usually the same color.  I take that color sample to the paint counter, buy a gallon, and head home to paint.  It’s a science.

Say good-bye to Macademia and hello to Gravity…..

February11 002
February11 004
February11 006
I tape everything….because I am the world’s messiest painter.  I surprisingly didn’t make a mess.  Go me!  AND….I painted the entire room all by my lonesome.  This was huge for me. 

Luckily, Nate and I were on to this whole “decorating world going grey” thing in a lot of rooms in our house.  I don’t know WHAT we were thinking when we painted this guest bedroom beige when the rest of the basement is grey.  I think we were thinking that we just want to be done painting and we have some of this macademia color left.

February11 007
It was later in the day when I took this picture but the bedroom grey now matches nicely with the darker hall grey.

(See more finished photos here)

And then I looked at the guest bathroom next door…..

February11 161
More Macademia…….Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Who wants to help me paint???

How do you pick out your paint colors?  Are you a sample taper or do you just wing it?