Bringing the Curio Cabinet Back

What do you think when you hear “Curio Cabinet”? 

Old people, right?  Think again!!

Here’s the Curio Cabinet I purchased off of Craigslist for $5 a few weeks ago (my first Craigslist Purchase)….

February11 058

And here is the same cabinet today….
March2011 003 (2)

Isn’t it lovely? 

The lighter blue is Olympic’s Harmony.  The darker blue on the inside is the Valspar’s Schoolboy Blue (left over from our mudroom).

March2011 003

It is currently living in a cute little curve next to the staircase.  I’m not sure if it will stay here or what will live in it but it makes me smile…

March2011 010

And because everyone loves a good before and after….

 Picnik collage

What do you think? Should it stay in the curve? What should I store in it?

Craigslist Curio Cabinet

Look what $5 is getting me...

Yeah, $5.  Crazy, right?  Someone in town has this lighted curio cabinet hanging out in their basement and they want rid of it.  And I want to make it all pretty and stick in in my hallway.

I can't pick it up until this week-end because the husband is working long hours so hopefully the lady is true to her word. 
I'm too afraid to go alone. 
I've never purchased anything from Craig's list before. 
I'm hoping this works out (you know, without me getting cut up into tiny pieces)
because it's BEAUTIFUL....
and maybe even worth the murder risk.

Have you purchased anything from Craigslist?  Was the experience pleasant? Please share!