Shhh. Don't Tell Ike!

As some of you may have suspected by my lack of blogging, I'm preggo!  (I always assume a lack of posting by a blogger of childbearing age means she is pregnant.)  The baby is due in September!

We've received a lot of the same questions from family and friends so I thought I'd answer them for you all here.

Are you serious?  For real?  Wait, it's not April Fools' Day, right?  With a real human baby?  It's totally for real.  I'm getting the belly to prove it!  It's funny how surprised our friends and family have been by our announcement.  Neither of us had been in a hurry to start a family but we feel like the time is finally right!  And we think it's a human.  A puppy would be pretty awesome though too.

How does Ike feel about this?  Shhh.  We haven't actually told him yet.  We'll tell him eventually.  I think.  Maybe we'll let the baby tell him?  Actually, I think he's catching on to us.  He's just in the denial stage.  We're sure he'll be a great big brother. 

How are you feeling?  For being pregnant, I feel great!  No nausea/vomiting.  Just extreme exhaustion (which has improved in the past week). Friends had talked about the exhaustion but I thought they just needed to buck up.  Turns out it's no joke (and I'm a bad friend).  Luckily I'm really good at sleeping so it really hasn't been a big deal.  I've had to give up some of my control freak things and realize things will eventually get done.  (Hence the lack of blog posts.)  I also felt pretty dumb for the first 3 months but luckily that dumb fog appears to be lifting.  Overall, no complaints!

Are you finding out the gender?  Totally.  We have a few more weeks to go.  Not knowing was killing me at first but I'm currently enjoying not knowing.  Once we find out, the decisions will start.  Decisions are exciting but exhausting.  So we're enjoying the peace of not knowing for now!

Is Decor and the Dog going to die?  It's possible but we hope not!  Decor and the Dog is where we share our hobbies.  We both have day jobs so the blog is a fun side project for us.  Nate and I both feel it's important that we keep our hobbies and we both plan on allowing the other to have time to do the things we love.  Will the amount of posts be less once the baby arrives?  More than likely but we'll still be here!  Will it become a mommy blog?  I'm fairly confident this won't happen.  I'm clearly an over-sharer but I'm already not sure what my comfort level will be with sharing our child.

Phew.  The secret is out.  This year is going to be crazy but we're very excited for our new adventure!