Dining Room Cow

Ike and I want to adopt a cow.  This cow.

Cow Art | Decor and the Dog

I named her Miley.  The tongue.  It kills me.

Nate snapped this shot in October while staying at his cousin's house in South Dakota.  It's a good thing I wasn't along because I think I would have had to buy a trailer to bring her home with me.

Instead she is now living in our dining room.  Because every "formal" dining room needs a cow on the wall.  Am I right?  

I think she complements our antiques sign quite nicely

Cow Art | Decor and the Dog

I smile every time I walk by.  I love that she is now our front door greeter.  Well, along with Ike.

Cow Art | Decor and the Dog

We ordered the canvas from CanvasLifestyle during an Amazon Local deal.  The price was right.  We're happy with the quality of the canvas.  Our only complaint is that it took a month to arrive.  (Their estimated turn around time is 10-22 business. Ours took closer to 30.)

Cow Art | Decor and the Dog

I think our dining room is now complete.  I think.  Until next month.

***Psst.  Miley is now up for sale in our Photo Shop!***