Hawkeye Inspired Pennant Baby Quilt

So, I was at a beer tasting the other night.  Because that’s what grown-ups do.

I was talking to a nice girl that I had just met.  The conversation was going great until I got the dreaded “Do you have kids?” question.  Well, it’s not really the question that is dreaded.  It’s the response.  Which is “Oh.” followed by looking away in pity/awkwardness/horror that an almost 32 year old woman doesn’t have kids.  The conversation then ends because I clearly can not be your friend because I can’t join you for play dates.

My dog is fun.  Darn it.

Sorry for my rant.  Here’s a pretty Hawkeye inspired pennant baby quilt that I made for a dear friend.  My dear friend that lived across the hall from me sophomore year at the University of Northern Iowa.  My friend that I watched every episode of the Bachelor with.  My Euchre partner that helped me beat all of the boys in their floor tournament.  This quilt is for her 3rd baby.  STOP IT TIME!

Hawkeye Pennant Quilt

My friend is a big fan of the Iowa Hawkeyes.  She is also not finding out the sex of the baby.  I decided to go with the black and gold color scheme.  I like that it is themed but still classy.  Black and gold are great gender neutral colors without being too “baby”.

hawkeye inspired baby pennant quilt

Back of pennant quilt

I am madly in love with quilt.  I want to make one for myself.  I love how the bunting lines pucker in the wash.  I also love how the pennants fray a little giving it a vintage feel.

Hawkeye Inspired Baby Quilt

I swear this isn’t a shameless plus (well, it didn’t start that way) but if you are looking for a custom pennant quilt of your own, head on over to Sew Midwestern and Kim {NewlyWoodwards} and I will get to quilting.  Unless you want Cyclone colors.  I might have issues with that.  (I kid. I kid. Sort of. It would just hurt a lot.)

Now if only this quilt would help our football team this year.  A girl can dream.

Who wants to be Ike’s play date?  Who wants a baby only as need for a cute Hawkeye quilt?  Me neither.  Go Hawks!