Be Our Guest {Guest Bedroom Decor}

Last week I gave you the tour of our guest bedroom (see that post here).

This is what the guest bedroom looks like a week later after a galon and half of Valspar's Gravity, a few sore muscles, and some new bedding and lamps.  (The bedding and lamps are all from Target.)

March2011 012
March2011 013

I was hoping to have the room completed for my family’s visit this week-end but that didn’t work out as planned.  I am happy with the progress though. 

I plan to add a gallery wall of frames on this wall,  Unfortunately I don’t see straight.(I usually end up thinking our level is broke...seriously) so I will wait for Nate’s help on this one.   (UPDATE: See the gallery wall here!).

March2011 019

I am also deciding on window treatments and a few other details (other wall hangings, blanket for the end of the bed).

I’m pretty sure the white duvet cover doesn’t stand a chance.  I have a feeling it will be bleached many times.

March2011 009

What do you think?

Read about the headboard here.

Read about the night stands here.

Read about the trio of mirrors here.

Have a great week-end!

Valspar’s Gravity

Gravity is my friend! :)

Most decorating blogs that I read tape about 50,000 color samples to the wall to decide which color is best for their room.

I go to Lowe’s and pick out the prettiest sample.  I walk away for a few minutes and then come back and pick out another pretty one.  It’s usually the same color.  I take that color sample to the paint counter, buy a gallon, and head home to paint.  It’s a science.

Say good-bye to Macademia and hello to Gravity…..

February11 002
February11 004
February11 006
I tape everything….because I am the world’s messiest painter.  I surprisingly didn’t make a mess.  Go me!  AND….I painted the entire room all by my lonesome.  This was huge for me. 

Luckily, Nate and I were on to this whole “decorating world going grey” thing in a lot of rooms in our house.  I don’t know WHAT we were thinking when we painted this guest bedroom beige when the rest of the basement is grey.  I think we were thinking that we just want to be done painting and we have some of this macademia color left.

February11 007
It was later in the day when I took this picture but the bedroom grey now matches nicely with the darker hall grey.

(See more finished photos here)

And then I looked at the guest bathroom next door…..

February11 161
More Macademia…….Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Who wants to help me paint???

How do you pick out your paint colors?  Are you a sample taper or do you just wing it?

House Tour- Guest Bedroom

The house tour now begins with the not-so-pretty in our house.

The guest room started like this….

June 003
and it stayed liked that for about a year and half. Oops!

We’ve slowly added stuff to the room and it currently looks like this…


It just doesn’t look like I want it to…luckily we haven’t had to spend a lot of money in here.
(I had to post the before picture so you can at least see that we're making progress.)

What don't I like?
  • I think the flowers are going to find a new home (after I made Nate put a screw in the wall to hold them…oops!)
  • The comforter looks messy…always.  It was the comforter we used in our master in our first house and I was happy to trade it in.  So, I think I’m on the look out for another one in here.  I’m thinking plain old white with a black bedskirt.
  • And that hunking tv……Nate and I are still battling over that tv.  Our compromise may be moving a smaller one from my sewing room in here. 
  • And I’m not digging the wall color in this room.  I like it in our living room but not here.
  • And….
After all of that babbling, the tour continues…

February11 156

I plan on adding a “gallery wall” of frames on the left wall.

Room info:
Wall color: Sherwin Williams Macademia
Headboard: Made it! (read about it here)
End tables: Salvation Army (read about them here )
Dresser: Hand me down (read about it here)
Mirrors: Salvation Army (read about them here)
Lamps: Target
Bedding: Fieldcrest something (Target) (We received it as a wedding gift.)
Wall Flowers: Pier 1 (gift)
Anything else: Ask!

What are your thoughts? 
  • on it? hate it? suggestions?
  • If you have been my guest/plan to be a guest….do you think the tv is important or is it just a giant eye sore?  Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings...maybe Nate's..but not mine.
Have a great week-end and comment away!!!

How to Upholster a Headboard

 Remember this headboard from our master bedroom?


We decided it needed a face lift before making its' home in our guest bedroom.

Making this king upholstered headboard was a super easy project.

Neither of us was digging the curve so Nate sawed it off.  The sawing took about 5 minutes and left us with this...

How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY
How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY

(Please ignore our disaster of a storage you're looking closer...stop....)

Since this was a re-upholster job, we just needed to staple on the fabric. 

If you are starting from scratch you will need a plain old piece of plywood cut to the appropriate size (our king size headboard was 49" x 80"). 

From there, staple some batting onto the plywood and you are caught up with us!

I then headed to the fabric store.  I think this was the longest part of the process because it's such a big decision....and I get lost in fabric stores.  Half of the time I forget why I'm even there....

Our headboard was 49" x 80" (fits a king size bed).  The fabric on the spool was 58" wide so I purchased 2.5 yards to make sure I had enough fabric to wrap on the sides.  The upholestery fabric was 50% off so my total was $23.00.

We placed the fabric on the floor and then layed the plywood on top.

How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY
How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY

We centered the fabric and then started stapling away.  Ike is a great supervisor.

How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY
How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY

We started in the center at the top of the headboard and then worked our way to the outsides.  The corners were the only slightly tricky part of this project.  We just had to make sure they were nice and tight.

How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY
How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY

We pulled, tightened, and stapled our way around the headboard (took about 10 minutes max) and ended with this....

How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY
How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY

And here it is living in our guest bedroom....

How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY

How to Upholster a Headboard Tutorial DIY

You can attach the plywood to the bed.  We're lazy and leaned it against the wall.  You can't tell either way. Seriously.


Have you been wanting to upholster a headboard? What's holding you back? It's me. See more room photos here!

Be sure to check out our other headboard projects here!

Make your own upholstered headboard

Dresser Transformation (Guest Bedroom)

Nate had this dresser that he received as a hand-me-down.  It's a nice dresser.  It just doesn't fit our decorating style. 

I had pondered painting it for about 2 years but was too afraid to ruin it.  Once we moved, I decided it needed a make-over.  This was my first attempt at furniture gate-way furniture piece, if you will.

I was happy with how it turned out.  I just wasn't sure what to do with the hardware so I decided to spray paint it.  It stayed like this for about a year.

We didn't really like it but we were too lazy and cheap to figure out something different (it happens).

When the nighstands entered the picture, we decided to get matching hardware.  And here is the dresser today.  Much simpler.

(Don't judge us and our hunking tv....we like antiques. :P) 

More to come with completing the guest room!

Night Stand Bargain

Our local Salvation Army has some great furniture finds.  Our dining room hutch is our favorite.  These night stands are a close second.

I stopped one Thursday night after work. Saw them.  Fell in love.  And then looked at the price. $20 a piece.  $40 is a little much for me to spend on junk furniture.  I asked to see if they happened to be $20 for the pair.  They were not.  I decided to head home and think about it.

Once I get something in my head.  It's hard to make it go these night stands.  I kept thinking about them...and how perfect they would look in our guest room. And how me purchasing them would help the Salvation Army (I can justify anything).  I decided that I was going to bite the bullet and just buy them because I couldn't stop thinking about them.

So I stopped Friday night (during a snow storm, mind you)....and they were marked down to $20 for the pair.  I decided it was a Christmas miracle, grabbed the tag, and practically ran to the cash register.  I loaded those beauties up and here they are today......


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