Craft Night-Pottery

I have a tip for you all today.

I highly recommend you get yourself a craft night group.  My craft night group is super fun.  I wouldn’t say any of us are extraordinary crafters.  (We just like to think we are.)  Crafting is something that we all enjoy.  My craft night group just happens to be extra adorable.  (Not a requirement. Just a bonus.)


My favorite part of craft night is trying crafts that I wouldn’t do on my own.  For instance, the Thursday before last I used a pottery wheel for the first time.  This is definitely something I would not have attempted without the support/pushing/shoving of craft night.

We headed to the Family Museum in Bettendorf for adults only time in the pottery studio. 



Pottery was the idea of one of the craft night members that couldn’t attend.  Super sad.  We all enjoyed it so I’m sure we’ll go back again!

We started by making pots without the wheel. Boring.  It totally brought back memories from middle school art.


And then we each got a turn on the wheel.  Super scary and exciting all at the same time.


Our instructor was filling in that evening.  I bet he was totally regretting covering that shift.  I kid.  (Sort of.)  He was amazingly patient with us.


Using a pottery wheel is no joke.  I was pretty horrible at it but it was still fun.


Kim, however, was a pro at making a shot glass.  The size was totally on purpose.  Wink, wink. It turned out quite adorable.


Here’s my finished pot.  Such skill.  It reminds me of a Fiestaware bowl.


Oh wait.  That was the bowl of a talented lady that was working while we were there.  She made the wheel look easy. 

Here’s my actual pot.  He’s cute.


I think I’m going to open my own studio.  What do you think?

Do you have a craft night group?  Have you tried your hand at a pottery wheel?  Any awesome crafts we should try at our next craft night?