Instagram Killed My Blog

Are you an Instagram addict?  I totally am.  (Feel free to follow me.  I’m decorandthedog.  Creative, right.  You can also view the photos on the right side of the blog.)

I realized the other day that I don’t blog as much about our day to day happenings as I used to.  I post them on Instagram and I’m done.   Most of you will probably thank me for that but I realized that a lot of you aren’t on Instagram.  I feel bad leaving you out of the loop on important things in my life.  Like what I ate for supper.  Or breakfast.  Or where Ike is currently sleeping in the house.  These are things that must be shared!

Here’s the hard hitting stories you may have missed if you don’t have a smart phone.  I’m fairly confident I’ll have some kind of substantial post next week.

Instagram Collage 1

It won’t stop snowing in Iowa.  You do not know how many times I have shoveled our driveway.  I then bought tulips because I needed to remind myself that Spring is around the corner.  I’m also kicking up the kettlebell workouts.  A beach vacation is 5 weeks away.  (I’ve had some questions on the kettlebells.  They are GoFit kettlebells from Target.  I am currently using the DVD that goes with them.  I started with 7 lbs. I am up to 10 lbs.  I am was also a weenie.)

Instagram Collage #2

I got a haircut.  Ike got a haircut.  I think Nate did too but we don’t see him very often.  He’s too busy crunching numbers.  I hosted monthly craft night and only have this picture to prove it.  Blogger fail.  I slaved away in the kitchen making homemade pretzels for Princess Woodward. And we made jewelry.  Ike LOVED craft night.  So many bags to dig through.  So little time.  He was sad when everyone left and decided to sleep by the door.

Instagram Collage 3

My family was in town for my birthday.  Ike thought my presents were his.  My mom enjoyed how he poses for the camera on command.  Silly Ike.  Speaking of parents, I picked some up at the thrift store.  They were a good deal.  They barely fit in the car.  We made a stop at Whitey’s (our favorite ice cream shop).  Mmm, Whitey’s.  And then I made breakfast for the family.  Just call me Susie Homemaker  (See what I’m withholding from you.  Breakfast and Whitey’s!)

Instagram Collage 4

Last week-end, the in-laws took me out for my birthday.  There was more food involved.  This time it was pizza at Crust.  Hey, look.  Nate’s short hair.  We then went to hockey. I have a love/hate relationship with our local hockey fans.  So loud and so redneck.  It’s like they are holding auditions for Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo Boo at every game.  Oh hey, here’s proof that I do work on occasion.  Pretty pills.  And last but not least.  I bought some of my favorite make-up with some birthday money.  Stila lip gloss and They’re Real Mascara.  Both are Michelle approved.  I know that is important.

Are you an Instagram addict?  Do you think Instagram is killing blogging?  Any big week-end plans?  I honestly haven’t even thought that far.