Edge Painted Chair

Things you should know about me:

1. I can’t rollerskate.

2. I like butter on chocolate Pop-Tarts. 

3. I’m a chicken when it comes to decorating.

Remember these chairs I picked up while doing some birthday thrifting?

thrift store chairs

I really wasn’t appalled by their honey oak appearance.  I was just appalled by it in my craft room.  My first reaction was to paint them white.  Many of you suggested coral.  I like coral. But white is safe. Coral is brave.  And colorful.  And scary.  (See #3 above.)

So in true Michelle fashion, I painted the chairs white.  And they were boring.

I guess even chicken girl needs some color every now and then. But not too much color.  That’s frightening. So I comprised.

Edge Painted Chair

I painted the edges coral (Sherwin Williams Dishy Coral like my button).

Whoa, Right?  So. Much. Color.  I’m wild.

I was inspired by those doors with only the edges painted.  I’m totally too chicken to paint a door edge but a chair edge I can handle.

Edge Painted Craft Room Chairs

Edge Painted Chair Coral and White

Just the right amount of color for this decorating hen.

Decor and the Dog Edge Painted Chair

Corl and White Edge Painted Chair

Edge Painted Chair Decor and the Dog

Now I need to get to work on some art for above that sewing table!  I might add a little something something to the back of those chairs one of these days.  I just need to gather my courage to do so.

What do you think of the colored edges?  Are you a decorating chicken?  Any fellow butter on Pop-Tarts lovers?

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