House Plans for 2013

I’ve been pondering our house a lot lately.  I’m itching to start something but Nate is heading into tax season.  Tax season means I lose my carpenter for 4 months.  But at least I have my dreams, right?  I should learn to use power tools.  And double check my health insurance deductible for when I eventually injure myself.

Here are my house dreams for the year twenty thirteen.  If we complete even one or two of these, I will be pleased. 


I like our dining room table but it just doesn’t feel like us anymore.  The table scratches easily.  The bar height is annoying.  I’m over it.  I’m now on the hunt for a set of 6 chairs that I can paint.  I will then purchase 2 fancy grown-up chairs to go with them.  And then Nate will build us a table that seats 8.  We’re thinking a white/grey or white/black two-toned look.  If you are in the QC and spot a set of 6 chairs for awesome price, send me a message yo.


Our office still needs love.  I just can’t get this room right.  The main hurdle is that couch.  We will be purchasing a sectional in 2013.  I also need to work on the curtains situation.  And wall stuff.  No biggie.


Our basement gets little blog time.  For the reason seen above.  We are still rocking the too small Simpsons decor.  I think I read that Homer is totally in this year.  We have been talking about this room a lot.  Nate is going to build a little media center.  There will be wall moldings.  Bright pillows.  A rug?  And probably lots of black and white photos taken by Mr. Nate.  Any other suggestions for this room?


Another rarely seen room is my craft room.  I only wish I could tell that it is this clean now but starting 2013 with lies is bad karma.  This will probably eventually become a child’s room.  But that is a ways away so I decided I am going to make my craft room look pretty.  I spend a decent amount of time in here and I think I can do it for little dinero.   I have some mental plans already.

Do you have big plans for 2013?  What project would you like to see us tackle first?