$500 & Paisley Print Shoes

My guests today are the lovely sisters from Paisley Print Shoes.

I've been reading Jen and Katie's blog for over a year now.  They do a great job of explaining who they are below so I'll leave that to them.  I think I need to set Jen up with my brother...but I kind of like her so I may leave that one alone for awhile. These ladies never fail to entertain me with their differing views and today's guest post is no exception!


Hi Everyone! We are Jen and Katie from Paisley Print Shoes and we are super excited to be guest posting at Decor and the Dog today. Michelle is a total sweetie; we wish we knew her in real life. And of course, Ike is probably the cutest dog ever. To quickly explain who we are, we are sisters who have completely opposite taste in just about everything (Katie is the comfy, conservative, and classic while Jen is eclectic, colorful, and fun) but blog about things we both like. Our theory is, if we both like it, then every woman must like it. Stop on by and let us know if our theory is holding true.

Michelle gave us the task of blogging about what we'd do with $500. Since we have COMPLETELY opposite tastes in pretty much EVERYTHING, we decided to split our imaginary $500 up. Jen will spend $150, Katie will spend $150, and we'll spend $200 together. Here's what we came up with:

Katie says: My wardrobe is in some need of some serious help, so I'd like to spend my $150 on clothes. The problem? I (we!) are thrift and sale shoppers, which makes it really hard to find items online to show you what I'd spend my money on. SOOO.....what to do? Here's an idea of what I'd do given a day of shopping/searching:

Source: polyvore.com via Katie on Pinterest

Obviously for $150 I couldn't buy ALL this - but I would find a pair of dark wash jeans for around $50 or less, a cardigan for the same price, and a cute button up for hopefully $40 or less, which would give me enough left over to buy a pair of earrings or a necklace. Jen is ROLLING HER EYES at me right now for posting a picture of a plaid shirt (I was the queen of flannel in high school), but I think this is a cute outfit and would provide me some pretty good versatility as a stay at home mom!

Jen says: Since I am moving in 6 months and I am on a "don't buy stuff for my house" kick I would be just like Katie and spend my money on some clothes. And since it is almost fall I figured I could get some fun new pieces to get me extra excited for fall.

Decor and the dog set

 Here is the low down of my choices. Granted, these were all found on Polyvore so who knows if they would be in stock but hey -this is all make believe, right Michelle? :) The sweater is $66 from Billabong. I guess I never realized that Billabong had such cute sweaters. I might need to start looking at this brand more! The boots are $30 from Wet Seal. They are probably going to be terrible in the snow and get my socks all wet (haha get it? Wet Seal - wet socks? k-bad joke) but whatever, they'll last me at least a few seasons. The scarf is $18 from Nordstrom. Random note....I found a scarf from Target for $50 and this one from Nordstrom for $18. What is going on these days? Target is more expensive than Nordstrom?? And the socks I'm pretending are Darn Tough which are around $30. Pretty perfecto huh? I wish Michelle was actually giving us $500 so I could get all of these things. :)

And for the rest of our $200 this is what we would do. If you read PPS you know that we both love love love organizations that Make a Difference. Make a difference in the world - in someone's life - however they can. One of our most favorite organizations is FashionABLE scarves. To give you a brief outline of what they do, FashionABLE creates sustainable business for women in Africa. You can read the full lowdown of them here.

So with our final $200, we would buy about 5 scarves (scarves range from $36-44) to giveaway to women who could use some encouragement or love. Not only could we help an organization that gives back in such a tangible and amazing way, but we could put a smile on someone's face and help them feel extra special, extra loved, and extra gorgeous in their new scarf!

So what do you think? Any of you resonate with Katie's choices? Jen's? Could benefit from a FashionABLE scarf right about now?

Thanks so much, Michelle, for letting us hang out on your blog and don't worry, you'd be one of our 5 who would receive a scarf - we know how well you work them!

Jen and Katie blog about their different perspectives on fashion, food, and other life related things over at Paisley Print Shoes