West Elm Window Headboard Copy Cat

Our copy cat headboard is complete!

Here was our inspiration image...

Window Headboard
West Elm Window Headboard
And here is our much less expensive version (it's sad our new bedding isn't here yet but I couldn't wait to post the final product, so excuse the mattress pad photo. :P)....

Clicking "CHECKOUT" on the West Elm site would have been MUCH easier but our version was MUCH cheaper and more rewarding.

West Elm wanted $299.00 plus $60.00 shipping.

Our cost: $57.06 Here's the break down:
  • Lumber: $18.40
    • One 2x4x8'
    • Four 2x3x8'
    • Five 1x2x8' (we purchased 1 extra)
  • Paint: $10.97 (Olympic Zero VOC in white, semi-gloss)
  • Pocket hole screws: $3.98 (#100 1 1/4")
  • Pocket hole jig: $19.98
  • We already had/borrowed: the primer, miter saw, clamps, rollers, 90 degree angle, screw driver

How long did it take?  Long enough. :P

Cutting wood/laying out pattern: 1 hour
Drilling pocket holes: 1 hour
Screwing together: 1 hour
Sanding: 1/2 hour
Priming: 1 1/2 hours
2 coats of paint: 1 hour for each coat (I'm a slow painter and there were A LOT of corners.)

Plans and how-to to follow!!