Clawfoot Tub

When designing our master bathroom, I knew a clawfoot tub was a must-have! I grew up dreaming of having a clawfoot tub in my adult bathroom and now it was time to make that dream a reality.

What’s not to love about a super deep bath tub with beautiful curves and super cute feet?

April 2011 070
April 2011 073
April 2011 016
April 2011 014
April 2011 020

How can you not love those creepy cute clawfeet???  And that faucet!! 

We originally looked on Craigslist for a tub.  After some research, we learned a local bathroom resurfacing company had tubs in stock that we could choose from. After selecting our tub, the resurfacing company chemically etched, neutralized, doubled primed and top coated the tub to ensure a long finish life. I wish I had a before picture.

We liked the idea of having something repurposed into our home.  It is a good example of our decorating style….something old made modern.

Who shares my love of clawfoot tubs?  Or do those feet creep you out?

Master Bath

Our master bath was an after thought.  Sad, but true. 

We love the floor plan but the finishes were given little thought.  The room was one of our last rooms to make decisions in and by that point we just really didn't care and picked whatever was the least expensive but still seemed ok. 

The mirrors were no exception.  Hello, contractor mirrors. Yuck. 

So we made a change!  We painted some trim black and stuck it to the mirror with some silicone based adhesive caulk. Easy! 

Let's take a look at how the bathroom started..(I SWORE we took "before" pictures but they are nowhere to be found)....

So here it is from long ago...

 And here it is today...

Nate's side is getting no love in this blog post....

Differences from the original picture:
  • The trim around the mirror.
  • Cabinet hardware which was originally nickle and then we spray painted black.
  • New faucets.  Maybe I'll post about this some other day...
And my favorite part of the bathroom....the claw foot tub that we had refinished...

The master bath is pretty much finished....oh wait, nothing is finished at our house! 

My mom recently asked me if I could just be happy and content with something in our house...
and the answer was and still is "no"..........maybe someday.....maybe...but what fun would that be......